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Chronic Low Back Pain and Gluteus Medius Weakness

In a recent study of 150 people suffering from chronic low back pain it was found that suffers had loss of strength in the Gluteus Medius muscle (a buttock muscle see figure below) on the side of pain and an increased strength in the Tensor Fascia Lata muscle (Hip muscle see below) on the non painful side.

This further shows that rehabilitative exercises are essential to both recover from low back pain and help prevent it. Here at Le Roux Chiropractic our chiropractors are well equipped to give you the advise you need to strengthen these muscles and you should seek advice before going ahead.

Clam shell exercise:

1) Lie on your side with both legs bent and one leg onto of the other.

2) Maintain a neutral spine with stomach muscles tensed.

3) raise the top knee slowly and hold for 5 seconds

4) always remember to lower the leg back slowly too


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