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What is the best position for sleeping?

Nailsea Chiropractic Clinic Pillows

This is a question we get asked almost every day. It is a common cause of neck pain especially if it is stiff first thing in the morning and also poor sleeping posture can be a cause of headaches.

At Le Roux Chiropractic we are able to give you advise to help improve your sleeping posture and therefore relieve or prevent neck pain.

When sleeping here are some important points:

  • Never sleep on your front, sleeping on your side or back are both acceptable.

  • Try to have the neck in a neutral position, so not tilted forwards onto your chest, not too high or too low.

  • It is best to have some support under your neck.

  • Sleeping with one pillow is ideal but the height of that pillow does vary depending on the depth from your shoulder to your head.

  • We advise sleeping with an orthopaedic pillow similar to the one in the picture below. These are Sissel neck pillows and are supplied at the clinic for £45, always best to seek advice from your chiropractor first to see which height and density is best for you.

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